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Charming Digital Pen Holder

৳ 450.00



◆ Color: Random

◆ Material: ABS

◆ Daily alarm and snooze mode

◆ Birthday reminder mode

◆ Temperature mode

◆ Function of music appreciation.

◆ Use with 3 AAA battery(Not Included).

Pencil Shaped Charming Digital Pen Holder Alarm mode can be set daily alarm time and, select the alarm music-(of eight), but can also open the Snooze function. You can set a birthday reminder specific time, date, the point will be broadcast birthday song to show their blessing. Automatically detect the ambient temperature. In the normal state, Ppress SET key to achieve Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion. In the normal state, Press to enable or disable the function of music appreciation. Use with 3 AAA battery(Not Included)


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