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Whirlwind Sweeper

৳ 1,250.00



Whirlwind Sweep Smart Multi-function Lightweight.

Cordless Spinning Broom for Sweeping Hard Surfaces like Wood, Tile, and Laminated floors. Makes sweeping up spilled cereal, dirt, pet hair, and other debris easier than ever, without the discomfort of bending over or being on your hands and knees Gives you comfortable and convenient maneuverability for cleaning next to baseboards, under furniture, grout lines, large capacity bin. This innovative cleaning tool requires no batteries and no recharging, so it’s always ready for quick and easy mess cleanup. Usage method: When in use, the whirwind sweeping handle is rotated and screwed up, and the connection card is locked with the cyclone body. Stick the towel on the roller. Brush on the back side of the button can be remove stains. To wipethe towel on a little water or cleaning fluid, decontamination, cleaning in addition to garbage can be complete at a time. After used can be pulled down, wipe with clean water, unscrew removable brush down clean. Package includes: Base brush ABS Strong Body Stainless Steel Shank L-Type handle


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